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Located on Route 2 in Winsloe is a rather unique Gift Shop in PEI where we are all about Scrapbooking and Seaglass.

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The Island Made Gift Shop (seaglass, scrapbooking embellishments, journals, cards, paper crafts and more)

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An Island Experience DIY wire wrap a seaglass pendant or scrapbook a page

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[ Scrap′·book·ing]
An artistic talent creating and crafting paper and photos into a cherished memory album.
[ Vã·cã′·tion]
Time away from home to relax and experience new adventures.
[ Trav′·l]
Time it takes to get to your vacation destination.
[ Des′·ti·nã·tion]
A place in which you stop and experience the peace and tranquility of PEI.
[ Pho′·to·graph]
Opportunities to make lasting memories of Prince Edward Island.

Cindy Cousineau
545 Rte 2, Malpeque Rd
Winsloe, Prince Edward Island
(902) 367-7851
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